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Seasonal skincare Routine

Posted by Reham Essa on
Healthy skin all year around

“I always take my skincare and haircare with me when travelling abroad, but I often end up buying different products because they don’t work as well in different climates.” 

Women all over the world have been experiencing different fluctuations in skincare needs because of varying weather and humidity levels. One size does not fit every woman, but it is important for us to understand how our skin behaves during certain seasons or due to stressors like hormones so that we can take care of them properly!

The study revealed that women in France and Singapore have varying skincare needs because of the weather. One size doesn't fit all, so we must pay attention to how our skin changes throughout each season!



Prep for summer

Spring is a great time to start preparing for summer, and that includes giving your skin the moisture it needs.
Freshen up with some new skincare products this season like serum and moisturizer  moisturizer which will keep you feeling cool under pressure in between seasons of heat!

The key to healthy skin is movement. Start by dedicate one night per week for your wellness routine and use Radixir's ice globes hat helps increase circulation, drain toxins from cells while reducing puffiness of tired eyes caused due too lack luster sleep patterns or seasonal allergies!

Get exfoliating

Summer skin is prone to congestion, so get exfoliating. Cell renewal slows down in the summer so that extra dead skin cells can form a protective layer against UV damage. Great in theory, but oil gets stuck in the dead skin and blocks the pores. 



Summer skin can be tricky. Sun and air conditioning quickly dehydrate the skin, and cell renewal slows down: hello flaky skin and fine lines. 

Does your skin feel tight?

If your skin feels tight, don’t reach for a rich cream - dehydrated summer skin lacks water, not oil. A rich cream will block your pores and lead to spots. The key is to layer lighter skincare: swap cream for Serum. Or a lotion for a gel. Or a gel for a hydrating serum.


How do I adapt my routine on holiday?

Humid summer air plumps your skin with moisture, so rich creams will just slide off. But you still need to keep your skin hydrated because it loses fluids and salts through sweating. 

Facial spritz

Keep a facial spritz in your bag. They are great for topping up hydration levels and cooling down your skin without blocking your pores

Oil mattifying primer

Thick sunscreen, sweat and sebum stretch the pores, so swap heavy makeup for a tinted sunscreen and an oil-mattifying primer. 

After sun

If you have been out in the sun all day, don’t forget to rehydrate your skin with an after sun rich in anti-inflammatories to calm your skin and prevent premature ageing.

How do I treat summer congestion? 

All skin types can experience congestion in the summer – heat and sun exposure makes our skin produce more oil which blocks the pores. Just be careful not to over-cleanse your skin, or it will produce more oil to compensate. 

You might not need a moisturizer: try layering our skin-balancing serum under your sunscreen, which reduces redness surrounding blemishes and balances your microbiome for a strong, healthy skin barrier.


Don’t forget to exfoliate

Summer skin can look dull, uneven and congested, so exfoliate twice a week to stop sweat from getting trapped in the pores. Finish with a hydrating mask rich in anti-inflammatories.

Lifestyle changes:

Don’t forget to eat your water. Water-rich foods stay in the body longer to keep you hydrated. Stock up on watermelon, grapes and cucumber.



Prep for winter

Let’s winterproof your skin before the temperature drops and it gets dull, red and flaky.

Keep on top of exfoliation.

There’s no point in hydrating dead skin, so keep on top of exfoliation. Our skin produces extra cells to reinforce the barrier against cold and winter, but they build up on the surface and make winter skin look dull.

Have you ever wondered why your skin gets congested in the winter? When the air becomes cold and dry, our oil glands produce more oil to help keep our skin hydrated. You’ve guessed it – the extra build-up of dead skin cells clogs up the pores.

Lifestyle changes

If your skin is dry, thin, and fragile, swap the low-fat diet for an omega-rich diet and stock up on oily fish, walnuts and chia seeds. Our skin needs to be nourished from the inside, not just the outside. 



Hot showers, central heating, icy wind, and dry, cold air strip moisture from your skin, leaving it tight and sore. Let’s concentrate on nurturing your protective barrier.

Go easy on the cleansing

If your skin starts to feel tight after cleansing, it’s time for a more gentle cleanser. If your skin is dry, switch to a nourishing cleansing cream. If your skin is combination, try a cleansing oil; if your skin is oily, try a non-foaming wash. 


Get layering

Rich winter creams seem comforting at first – until you break out in spots. Get layering instead! Our skin-balancing blend of Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Shea Butter layers beautifully over our nourishing serum to protect your skin from the elements without clogging your pores.



Calm winter redness

Blood capillaries struggle to cope with temperature extreme sand eventually stretch, leaving skin looking blotchy. Our serum is rich in anti-inflammatories to calm winter redness and skin-plumping humectants Hyaluronic Acid and Honey for soft, supple skin. 


An emollient UVA sunscreen

Don’t give up on the sunscreen – UVA rays are constant all year round.


Don’t forget your lips

If your lips are dry, your skin is dry. Don’t forget to reapply lip balm whenever your lips get wet: after cleaning your teeth, a hot drink, or a shower.


Lifestyle changes

Central heating leeches moisture from your skin, so invest in a humidifier to put moisture back in the air.


“Let’s make sure your skin gets the right nutrition and the right skincare for each season.”



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