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Ice Globes


Rollaway stressed, puffed skin and tighten pores with the Radixir Ice Globe Facial Massager - an affordable skin rejuvenation replacement for your pricey local massage place. Created with premium quality glass, our cooling globes speed up blood circulation for tighter, brighter skin that will leave your skin glowing. Use before applying makeup or when your skin requires skin rejuvenation treatments.

Designed to combat the puffy inflammation experienced under your eyes in the morning and is fantastic for tired, jet-lagged skin. This product will also allow for faster absorption of beauty serums and moisturizers into skin.

Good for: 
Morning Routine: reduces puffiness under eyes and wakes up your skin after a sleepless night. The effect is like your own massage and spa rolled into one.
Anti-aging: sculpts cheekbones, the jawline and tightens pores.
Evening Routine: soothes tired skin after a long day.
Skin types: All skin types, especially combination, oily & acne prone skin. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, and for post-treatment application.

Customer Reviews

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Great products

I finished up what I was using and started on these products. I am not a fan of scent in facial products kinda turns me off. But the scent does not linger longer and my skin stays moist longer.

I'm glad it worked out for you and I'm glad you are enjoying a moisturized skin. Thank you for your feed back.

Great for puffy eyes in the morning

Sadly I didn’t get to use the globes long because my housekeeper broke them but I loved waking up and using them cold to apply my eye serum and moisturizer. They feel so good on your skin. So refreshing !

Thank you Charcie, for your review and nice words. We are glad you are enjoying your products.


As someone who can’t stick to a specific skin care routine i was hesitant about buying the ice globes, however i couldn’t resist how pretty they looked so I thought I would give them a try. I so glad I decided to do that because using them has become one of favorite parts of the day! They are very calming and relaxing and they leave my skin feeling refreshed and a little tighter, they are also extremely glamorous and i feel like I'm using a very high end product. This is definitely something that i will keep using. Thank you Radixir for introducing me to the wonderful world of ice globes !

Thank you Nada for your review. We are glad you are enjoying your products.

Pamper yourself!

I’ve seen lots of posts about the benefits of ice rolling to depuff and soothe the skin, but I’m insanely sensitive to the cold. Enter these ice globes!! Because they remain liquid and are beautifully designed - you don’t get the harshness of ice rolling with all the benefits! These globes have become my favorite morning routine - I literally drink my morning coffee while using the globes to help me start my morning right! It works beautifully after applying the Radixir serum!

Thank you Yasmeen for your review. We are glad you are enjoying your products.

Specifically designed to massage the contours of the face, promote lymphatic drainage, and give you a luminous glow in just 10 minutes. The gentle rolling action of these globes drains excess fluids and toxins from the skin and flushes fresh blood and oxygen cells carrying restorative nutrients to the skin’s surface.

Perfect for those who are looking to take their skincare routine up a notch. Perfect to combat puffy eyes and lack luster skin. You will experience a youthful and fresh complexion.

PRO TIP: Puffy eyes will be soothed and your cheekbones and jawline will be more defined within minutes of use.

Cool your ice globes in the freezer for 30 minutes. Gently roll the globe over the contours of the face in slow strokes ensuring the globe stays in contact with the skin at all times without tugging. Roll upwards to lift and contour, roll outwards and down the neck to relieve tension and promote lymphatic drainage. Pressing gently on one spot helps to de-puff and reduce inflammation.

As a chemist, I always appreciate great tools that help deliver the end result quickly. Not just during formulating but also during application. My Ice Globes are an easy turn key addition to a woman's beauty routine - stimulating blood circulation that will allow for quicker absorption of the active ingredients found in my Confidence Serum.

Reham Essa