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Meet Our Founder, Reham Essa

Like so many of you, I wear many different hats. I’m a self-starter, a wife, a mom, a passionate chef, a trained pharmacist, and now a business owner. I’m also the person who is dependable and depended upon to consistently ‘show up’, whether it’s something for school, friends, community, or above all family.

My daughter was born with severe allergies, since then I added the role of the investigator who is trying to find anything that would soothe her allergies. As my life suddenly demanded more from me, I became guilty of what so many of us do, I no longer became a priority.  My needs moved firmly to the back of a very long list. I was drained and exhausted and it showed on my face…

I suffered from adult acne for a number of years and my confidence dipped ever lower. I actively avoided looking at myself in the mirror until I decided enough was enough. I mistakenly reached for products with strong active ingredients and over-washed my skin thinking it would clear my acne but all it seemed to do was make matters worse. I so desperately wanted to be confident in my skin, to feel like me again, and then it clicked…

what my skin needed

From Pharmacist to Formulator Chemist

I needed to lean into my skin rather than hiding away from it. I needed to acknowledge it, take the time to understand it and embrace it like a friend who was suffering and in need of the patience and affection I gave to my loved ones. It was only from that point onwards that I understood what my skin needed and how to help it. My skin needed rest, revitalization and a natural skincare routine that nurtured rather than stripped. During my studies to become a cosmetic chemist, I learned the power botanical and natural formulations has on health and beauty. With this knowledge I began experimenting with truly natural formulations and I was able to produce products to help my daughter - and myself.

luxury skincare

Efficacy of a ten step treatment using just two products

Using the best natural ingredients available for time-deprived, acne prone individuals like myself. I avoided harsh silicones or synthetic ingredients. Slowly the blemishes faded and clear, beautifully balanced skin emerged and so did my confidence. I was back!!

I’m so excited to invite you to give yourself the permission to carve out time for yourself, simplify your skincare routine, and proudly show-off your inner and outer glow.