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Kiwi Seed Oil – The Ultimate Skin-Nurturing Superfood

Posted by Reham Essa on
kiwi seed oil

Get glowing, healthy skin with the natural power of Kiwi seed oil! This age-old remedy is reputed to have a range of beauty benefits, from restoring skin elasticity and nourishment to reducing acne, wrinkles and age spots. Discover how this ancient remedy can help you get your best skin today.

Learn About the Benefits of Kiwi Seed Oil.

Kiwi seed oil is a powerful and natural skincare ingredient that has been used for centuries. Its high concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids make it an excellent choice for nourishing and restoring skin health. Compounds like omega-3, vitamin C, and vitamin E help to reduce inflammation, hydrate the skin, and slow down the signs of aging. The anti-inflammatory compounds present in Kiwi seed oil can help reduce redness and improve overall skin complexion.

Rich in Essential Fatty Acids

Kiwi seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which help to keep skin hydrated and maintain its youthful appearance. These fatty acids help promote cell regeneration and increased collagen production for smooth, nourished skin. Additionally, the omega-3 present in kiwi seed oil helps reduce inflammation caused by environmental stressors such as pollution, making it an excellent choice for those looking to combat irritation and achieve a balanced complexion.

Skin-Repairing Power 

Kiwi seed oil is known for its extraordinary ability to repair damaged skin. Its antioxidant content helps reverse signs of aging and sun damage, while its hydrating properties promote a healthy natural glow. Vitamin E and linolenic acid further protect skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and help to repair sun-damaged tissue. With regular use, you’ll notice fewer fine lines and wrinkles, reduced puffiness under the eyes, and an overall healthier complexion!

Maintains Skin Hydration Levels 

Kiwi seed oil is great for keeping skin looking healthy, hydrated and glowing. It contains a high amount of fatty acids which helps promote skin hydration. Vitamin E works to lock in moisture while linolenic acid helps to form a barrier around the skin and prevent it from losing moisture. This is particularly beneficial for those with dry or sensitive skin, as it ensures overall moisturization.

Reduces Inflammation

Kiwi seed oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help calm and soothe irritated skin. It also helps reduce signs of discoloration due to age, sun damage and other factors, restoring skin’s natural healthy shine and glow. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, kiwi oil can help prevent visible discolorations while protecting the overall health of your complexion.

Protects Against Damage From Environmental Stressors

Kiwi seed oil is especially beneficial for those living in high-pollution and urban areas. Pollutants, dirt and bacteria trigger the stress-response in our skin, weakening its natural defenses against further damage. Kiwi seed oil helps protect skin from these particles, creating a barrier that prevents damage as well as providing anti-inflammatory benefits.

Ways to incorporate kiwi seed oil in your skincare regimen

You can use pure kiwi seed oil and massage it with your hands or Radixir ice globes to better absorption. 

Another way is by using moisturiser that contains kiwi seed oi like Radixir confidence moisturiser. 

Try to use it for 4-6 weeks to get the best results.



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