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Beauty Bundle: Serum & Ice Globes

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Experience for yourself the transformative experience of Radixir with our Confidence Serum and Ice Globe facial massager combo. This duo is your secret weapon against congested skin, designed for elegance and efficiency, and adored by our customers who rave about a newfound, gliding glow.

Radixir Confidence Serum

Infused with the finest natural anti-aging ingredients, including niacinamide, plant stem cells, and skin-nourishing pomegranate seed oil, Radixir Confidence Serum is a lightweight, yet hydrating formula. It offers the deep, nurturing hydration your skin craves without clogging pores—perfect for daily application to achieve a soft-focus glow.


  • Nourishing moisturization with a velvet matte finish
  • Designed for day & night use, ideal for combination, oily & acne-prone skin
  • Light and quick-absorbing for a no-stress routine
  • Packed with anti-aging ingredients for maximum rejuvenation

How to Use:
For optimal results, press 1-2 drops on your face, neck, and décolleté after cleansing, and apply before your moisturizer.

Radixir Ice Globes

Cool, soothe, and invigorate your skin with the sophisticated Radixir Ice Globes. This premium glass instrument is perfect for reducing inflammation, tightening pores, and promoting blood circulation for a radiant complexion. Ideal for those under-eye bags or for preparing your skin for seamless makeup application, the Radixir Ice Globes are a must-have enhancement to any luxury skincare ritual.


  • Minimizes puffiness and promotes a tighter complexion
  • Aids in quicker absorption of serums and moisturizers
  • Perfect for refreshing tired, stressed, or jet-lagged skin

How to Use:
Roll the Ice Globes gently over your face before your beauty routine for an awakening boost, or after applying serums for better product absorption.
Both products in this delightful bundle boast all-natural ingredients—giving your skin the best without any harsh chemicals. Embrace the potency of collagen, elastin, peptides, and stem cells working in symphony to not only clear your skin but also combat the signs of aging with effectiveness that has our customers unanimously proclaiming, "My face is glowing!"

Seize the moment to lavish your skin with the all-natural splendor it deserves. Say goodbye to dulled complexions and embrace luminous, youthful radiance with Radixir's acclaimed beauty essentials. Discover the difference today.