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January Blog: Skin Workouts and Face Massagers Benefits

Posted by Tania Koster on
January Blog: Skin Workouts and Face Massagers Benefits

So, your skin is looking a bit tired, dull, puffy and there are red blotches from environmental stress. How do you revitalize tired, dull skin you ask?

In the spirit of the new year and the theme of “new you”, we are deep diving into facial massagers - like our Ice Globes - and looking at how these handy tools benefit our skin, wellbeing and more.

Why exactly do people massage their face with skin massagers and are people just jumping on this new skincare bandwagon?

Science shows that the simple act of massaging your face with a skin massage tool does have quite a few skin benefits. Skin massaging may reduce stress, reduce puffiness, release tension (and a major benefit), release any toxins that have built up and are trapped in your skin.

Even though the benefits are real, there is much to be uncovered about face massaging, but here is what is known:

  • Facial massage can improve your mood. An older study suggested that facial massage reduces anxiety for some people.
  • Facial massage may enhance the look of the skin. A study done in 2017 specifically on facial massage showed some anti-aging effects, especially when combined with an anti-aging cream. 
  • Cools and soothes your skin. If you store your roller in the refrigerator or use a naturally cold material like our glass Ice Globes, it’ll cool your skin on contact. The benefits of this are still to be determined, but some people may enjoy how it feels.
  • Distributes skin care products. Massagers are typically used with an oil or moisturizer to help the tool glide across your skin. This process may deliver the product deeper into your skin.

How to Use Radixirs Ice Globes For an Effective Face Massage

  1. Apply a serum or moisturizer (our Confidence Serum and Confidence Moisturizer were made to work in tandem with our Ice Globes). The goal is to reduce the friction of the tool against the skin's surface as you roll the device upwards. Serums and thicker moisturizers work well in this regard.
  2. Start at your neck and roll upward. For best results, roll up, not back and forth.
  3. Roll from your jawline to your ear on both sides using gentle pressure. You can continue this motion all the way from your jaw to your cheekbone.
  4. Roll from your forehead up toward your hairline, only in the upward direction. It’s the same gentle pull you would use if you were pulling your skin taut and wrinkle-free with your hands.
  5. Roll flat over your eyebrows horizontally, which may feel relieving if you have a headache.

Is It Safe To Massage Your Face Daily?

YES! Just like a daily gym workout and the benefits you would experience from that, a face massage will give your body the same benefits, just differently. Some studies have shown that long term use will produce better results.

How Long Do You Massage For?

Even if you only have a few minutes, you may still be able to get some of the de-stressing and potentially de-puffing benefits.

Using the roller for 10 minutes should be enough. Always stop if it starts to hurt. As with anything skin related, being gentle is key.

Common Myths about Face Massagers

  • Using a roller can slim your face: False. The only way to truly lose weight in your face is through nutrition and exercise. However, the de-puffing potential of the facial roller may make your face look slimmer temporarily.
  • A facial roller can cure a condition: False. Though there are claims that crystals or other materials can help cure disease, there isn’t any evidence.
  • Facial rollers can have permanent effects: False. While you may see some improvement in certain elements of your skin, the changes likely won’t be permanent. Consistent use is probably your best bet in seeing benefits over time.

How to Clean Your Facial Massager

  • Wipe off any excess oil or product with a soft, clean washcloth. It’s a good idea to wipe it off after every use.
  • Use a gentle face wash or soap to kill bacteria. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with room temperature water.
  • Avoid putting very hot water on your facial massager or soaking it in water.
  • Lay the massager horizontally on a clean cloth to dry.

Key Takeaways

Using a facial massage tool to massage your face may be relaxing, and it might have some potential benefits for your skin.

Gently using my Ice Globes to massage the delicate skin on your face, neck, and clavicle can help to increase blood flow and reduce stress.

There are many types of facial massagers to choose from, and all of them can be beneficial. Just make sure to clean your roller regularly and inspect it before use for chips or damage that could harm your skin.

My affordable luxury Ice Globes are available for purchase here along with my award winning Confidence Serum and Confidence Moisturizer:

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