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It's The Year Of The Rabbit - Happy Chinese New Year To All!

Posted by Reham Essa on
It's The Year Of The Rabbit - Happy Chinese New Year To All!

It's the year of the rabbit, a chance for a peaceful fresh start - but vigilance is key!

With allergies and sensitivities common among us all, it is important to be aware of how our environment may trigger unpleasant symptoms. As we move further into this new year, let us make sure we are taking proactive measures to stay away from situations that can cause stress or other harm to our skin.

Make sure to plan ahead and be prepared so you can enjoy this rabbit year with confidence and clarity of mind!

The Year of the Rabbit is an amazing time to remember the importance of being clever! Doing your research on which skin care products suit you can help you save both money and time. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to avoid products that are too powerful and those that don’t quite meet your expectations. 

Choosing just the right product will give your skin what it needs and help keep your routine efficient, saving you the extra hassle along with some money in the long run. So let's use this opportunity to make smarter choices and get the most out of what we use - something that could benefit us even beyond this special year!With the energizing year of the Rabbit coming, this is the perfect time to start making smart decisions in your life. Don't get bogged down in overthinking and never underestimate yourself! A great way to make sure you're on the right track with your decisions is to give it some testing time.

Whenever you introduce something new into the mix, allow for about 2 weeks for your skin to show results and an extra week for added insurance that your decisions are sound. Embrace the new changes with confidence and trust that you can make informed judgments!

As you move forward into this new year, know that Radixir has your best skin care interests at heart and that is why we are leaping bunny certified and are always cruelty-free, vegan and do not add anything harmful into the planet.

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